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+# Release notes for GlusterFS-3.7.13
+GlusterFS-3.7.13 is a quick minor release for GlusterFS-v3.7 to address a couple of serious gfapi bugs (#1350880 and #1352482).
+## Bugs Fixed
+The following bugs have been fixed in this release.
+- [#1223947]( Syntax errors in gfind_missing_files shell scripts
+- [#1336137]( PREFIX is not honoured during build and install
+- [#1341772]( After setting up ganesha on RHEL 6, nodes remains in stopped state and grace related failures observed in pcs status
+- [#1343290]( enabling glusternfs with nfs.rpc-auth-allow to many hosts failed
+- [#1344551]( Automount fails because /sbin/mount.glusterfs does not accept the -s option
+- [#1344634]( fail delete volume operation if one of the glusterd instance is down in cluster
+- [#1345882]( [geo-rep]: Worker died with [Errno 2] No such file or directory
+- [#1347206]( Old documentation link in log during Geo-rep MISCONFIGURATION
+- [#1348056]( cli core dumped while providing/not wrong values during arbiter replica volume
+- [#1348085]( [geo-rep]: Worker crashed with "KeyError: "
+- [#1349271]( [geo-rep]: If the data is copied from .snaps directory to the master, it doesn't get sync to slave [First Copy]
+- [#1349881]( AFR winds a few reads of a file in metadata split-brain.
+- [#1350880]( Buffer overflow when attempting to create filesystem using libgfapi as driver on OpenStack
+- [#1351024]( Implement API to get page aligned iobufs in iobuf.c
+- [#1351877]( gfapi: in case of handle based APIs, close glfd after successful create
+- [#1352482]( qemu libgfapi clients hang when doing I/O with 3.7.12
+- [#1352833]( [scale]: Bricks not started after node reboot.
+## Known Issues
+- Commit b33f3c9, which introduces changes to improve IPv6 support in GlusterFS has been reverted as it exposed problems in network encryption, which could cause a GlusterFS cluster to fail operating correctly when management network encryption is used.
+- Network encryption has an issue which could sometimes prevent reconnections from correctly happening.
+- Inode leak in fuse [#1353856](