BranchCommit messageAuthorAge fixes for faster submitAmar Tumballi21 months
heal-infoglusterd: Add warning and abort in case of failures in migration during remov...Vishal Pandey13 months
mastercluster/ec: Track heal statistics in shdPranith Kumar K5 hours
release-3.12Release notes for Gluster 3.12.15Jiffin Tony Thottan23 months
release-4.1doc: Added release notes for 4.1.10hari gowtham14 months
release-5doc: Added release notes for 5.13Hari Gowtham6 months
release-6Adding release notes for release-6.10Rinku Kothiya7 weeks
release-7geo-rep: Fix string comparisonShwetha K Acharya13 days
release-8doc: Added release 8.2 notesRinku Kothiya6 days
testing-regression-job[DO NOT MERGE]Deepshikha khandelwal18 months
v8.2commit 895183d5a2...Rinku Kothiya6 days
v8.1commit f9b8462ba2...Rinku Kothiya4 weeks
v6.10commit 48fc076676...Rinku Kothiya6 weeks
v7.7commit 95f167483e...Rinku Kothiya2 months
v8.0commit 2e1e4168ab...Rinku Kothiya3 months
v8.0rc0commit 18bd1bdaa6...Rinku Kothiya4 months
v7.6commit bef7c8e54e...Rinku Kothiya4 months
v6.9commit 57b48f2802...Hari Gowtham5 months
v9devcommit 0e94dbb811...Rinku Kothiya5 months
v8.0alphacommit f949c3e13e...Rinku Kothiya5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hourscluster/ec: Track heal statistics in shdHEADmasterPranith Kumar K3-1/+59
31 hoursglusterd: add post-commit phase to the transactionSanju Rakonde10-1/+587
45 hoursglusterd: mount directory getting truncated on mounting shared_storagenik-redhat1-1/+2
5 daysglusterd:Reducing file operations when writing options into volfile.Srijan Sivakumar4-91/+140
6 fails with UnicodeDecodeErrorsrijan-sivakumar1-5/+2
8 daysnfs: Use static api to set static data in dictPranith Kumar K1-2/+1
8 daysglusterd: readdir-ahead off by defaultnik-redhat1-1/+1
11 daysglusterd: fixing coverity issuesnik-redhat1-3/+9
12 daysnfs-ganesha: gluster_shared_storage fails to automount on node reboot on rhel 8Shwetha K Acharya3-3/+3
12 daysextras/snap_scheduler: changes in gluster-shared-storage mount path Shwetha K Acharya2-3/+3