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[Test+Lib] Add test to check rebalance impact on acl
Test case: 1. Create a volume, start it and mount it to a client. 2. Create 10 files on the mount point and set acls on the files. 3. Check the acl value and collect arequal-checksum. 4. Add bricks to the volume and start rebalance. 5. Check the value of acl(it should be same as step 3), collect and compare arequal-checksum with the one collected in step 3 Additional functions added: a. set_acl(): Set acl rule on a specific file b. get_acl(): Get all acl rules set to a file c. delete_acl(): Delete a specific or all acl rules set on a file Change-Id: Ia420cbcc8daea272cd4a282ae27d24f13b4991fe Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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