BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterReverting quorum value back to 51%kshithijiyer3 days
stableDo not validate the return code of the 'rebalance status' command when just l...ShwethaHP16 months
tests_gd2Fixed jira issue RHGSQE-29 and added quorum reset codeAkarsha13 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysReverting quorum value back to 51%HEADmasterkshithijiyer1-0/+8
3 daysReverting the quorum ratio to 51Bala Konda Reddy M1-1/+10
7 daysAvoid running on 'dispersed' and 'distributed-dispersed' volume types because...Jilju Joy1-2/+1
2019-01-04changing testcase names to reflect uniquenessnagpavanchilakam2-2/+2
2019-01-03fixng lib according to functinality changenagpavanchilakam1-2/+2
2018-12-27Moved test_glustershd_on_all_volume_types to separate folderVitalii Koriakov2-223/+271
2018-12-27setting user.cifs to on for all cifs volumesVijay Avuthu1-0/+8
2018-12-20Per BZ 1401969, modifying the IO pattern to write single large filesAnees Patel2-39/+56
2018-12-19Fixed: servers with no bricks are not icluded in servers_unused_bricks_dictVitalii Koriakov1-1/+2
2018-12-11Fixing the test-case to delete brick directories of replaced bricks, As this ...Anees Patel2-158/+206