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[lib] Adding more check functions and tarssh support
- Adding the following check functions: 1. is_passwordless_ssh_configured() - To check if passwordless ssh is configured or not between given nodes with a given user. 2. is_group_exists() - To check if group is present on servers or not. 3. is_user_exists() - To check if a given user is present on servers or not. - Adding functionality to support both sync methods. - Adding nonrootpass parameter to georep_prerequisites() as in the previous logic the password for the non-root and the root user were the same which might not always be the case. - Fixing georep_config_get() and georep_config_set() to take non-root user as well. Change-Id: I8a42d48d56690040dd7f78d1fb919029c0d6e61d Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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