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authorkshithijiyer <>2019-06-27 12:35:00 +0530
committerBala Konda Reddy M <>2019-07-02 12:39:14 +0000
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Modifying test_enabling_gluster_debug_mode to do more operations.
While running test_enabling_gluster_debug_mode through jenkins it was observed that running volume operation once wasn't generating enough of logs by the time the logs were checked which lead to failure of the test case in the jenkins run. So modifying the logic which generates logs to run operation in a loop to generated a good amount of logs. Change-Id: Id7a12c86a04dc86d4856dbe30d945e70e64ea4f7 Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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diff --git a/tests/functional/glusterd/ b/tests/functional/glusterd/
index 7c64fa1fc..7a355f861 100644
--- a/tests/functional/glusterd/
+++ b/tests/functional/glusterd/
@@ -157,9 +157,13 @@ class TestVolumeOptionSetWithMaxcharacters(GlusterBaseClass):'glusterd is running after changing log_level to debug.')
# Issue some gluster commands
- ret = get_volume_info(self.mnode)
- self.assertIsNotNone(ret, "Failed to get volume info")
-"Successfully got volume info.")
+ count = 0
+ while count < 9:
+ ret = get_volume_info(self.mnode)
+ self.assertIsNotNone(ret, "Failed to get volume info")
+ sleep(2)
+ count += 1
+"Successfully got volume info 9 times.")
# Check glusterd logs for debug messages
glusterd_log_file = "/var/log/glusterfs/glusterd.log"