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[Testfix] Increase sleep time in test_alert_time_out
Problem: Test script test_alert_time_out currently fails 2 out of 6 times when executed on the same setup this is due to the log files not have 120004 A alert message. This issue is only observed in distributed volume type mounted over fuse protocol. Solution: There is no permanent solution to this problem as even if we increase the sleep 20 seconds there is still a chance that it might fail. The optimal sleep time where it only fails 5 times after 15 attempts is 6 seconds. Hence changing sleep time to 6 seconds. Change-Id: I9e9bd41321e24f502d90c3c34edce9113133755e Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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diff --git a/tests/functional/quota/ b/tests/functional/quota/
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--- a/tests/functional/quota/
+++ b/tests/functional/quota/
@@ -278,9 +278,9 @@ class QuotaTimeOut(GlusterBaseClass):"Files creation stopped on mountpoint once exceeded "
"hard limit")
- # Inserting sleep of 2 seconds so the alert message gets enough time
+ # Inserting sleep of 6 seconds so the alert message gets enough time
# to be logged
- time.sleep(2)
+ time.sleep(6)
# Append unique string to the brick log"Appending string 'appended_string_6' to the log:")