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[Lib] Library for multi volume creation
Earlier, brick creation is carried out based on the difference of used and unused bricks. This is a bottleneck for implementing brick multiplexing testcases. Moreover we can't create more than 10 volumes. With this library, implementing a way to create bricks on top of the existing servers in a cyclic way to have equal number of bricks on each brick partition on each server Added paramter in setup_volume function, if multi_vol flag is set it will fetch bricks using cyclic manner using (form_bricks_for_multi_vol) otherwise it will fetch using old mechanism. Added bulk_volume_creation function, to create multiple volumes the user has specified. Change-Id: I2103ec6ce2be4e091e0a96b18220d5e3502284a0 Signed-off-by: Bala Konda Reddy M <>
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