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[Testfix] Remove python version dependency(Part 1)
sys library was added to all the testcases to fetch the `sys.version_info.major` which fetches the version of python with which glusto and glusto-tests is installed and runs the I/O script i.e with that version of python but this creates a problem as older jobs running on older platforms won't run the way they use to, like if the older platform had python2 by default and we are running it tests from a slave which has python3 it'll fails and visa-versa. The problem is introduced due the below code: ``` cmd = ("/usr/bin/env python%d %s create_deep_dirs_with_files " "--dirname-start-num 10 --dir-depth 1 --dir-length 1 " "--max-num-of-dirs 1 --num-of-files 5 %s" % ( sys.version_info.major, self.script_upload_path, self.mounts[0].mountpoint)) ``` The solution to this problem is to change `python%d` to `python` which would enable the code to run with whatever version of python is avaliable on that client this would enable us to run any version of framework with both the older and latest platforms. Change-Id: I7c8200a7578f03c482f0c6a91832b8c0fdb33e77 Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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