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Disable HealSanity tests on NFS
This test does not work on NFS mounts due to bug 1473668. Disable this test until we can find a workaround that makes this test actually green Change-Id: Icd93cd796be5e8a72e144ba09e66733d6dcf5913
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@@ -659,9 +659,11 @@ class TestGlusterReplaceBrickSanity(GlusterBasicFeaturesSanityBaseClass):"Listing all files and directories is successful")
+# This test is disabled on nfs because of bug 1473668. A patch to apply the
+# workaround mentiond on the bug could not make this test green either.
@runs_on([['replicated', 'distributed-replicated', 'dispersed',
- ['glusterfs', 'nfs', 'cifs']])
+ ['glusterfs', 'cifs']])
class TestGlusterHealSanity(GlusterBasicFeaturesSanityBaseClass):
"""Sanity tests for SelfHeal"""