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[Test] Check stack overflow in readdirp
Description: The TC checks that there is no stack overflow in readdirp with parallel-readdir enabled. Steps : 1) Create a volume. 2) Mount the volume using FUSE. 3) Enable performance.parallel-readdir and performance.readdir-ahead on the volume. 4) Create 10000 files on the mount point. 5) Add-brick to the volume. 6) Perform fix-layout on the volume (not rebalance). 7) From client node, rename all the files, this will result in creation of linkto files on the newly added brick. 8) Do ls -l (lookup) on the mount-point. Change-Id: I821efea55e3f8981ecd307b93781f2da5790c548 Signed-off-by: sayaleeraut <>
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