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+Functional Testing:
+ Process of validating that the software conforms to its specifications and
+ correctly performs its required functions.
+ This entails a series of feature by feature validation of behavior using
+ a wide range of normal and erroneous input data.
+ Functional testing divided in 3 categories:
+ - Build Validation tests:
+ Build Verification Test (BVT), also known as Build Acceptance Test,
+ is a set of tests run on each new build of a software to verify that
+ the build is testable before the build is released into further testing.
+ - Smoke Testing:
+ A subset of test cases that are designed to broadly and minimally
+ test to confirm that changes in the code of a particular build
+ function as expected and do not break an entire build.
+ - Regression:
+ Process of retesitng a build after bug fixes and code changes to
+ find any unexpected loss of functionality in the new code base.