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authorVinayak Papnoi <>2020-01-27 15:49:20 +0530
committerVinayak Papnoi <>2020-01-27 15:49:20 +0530
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parent5afeeb2a2400f98a2bd5caa28812d8a800e0d61c (diff)
[libfix] Fix type in wait_for_peers_to_connect
The method wait_for_peers_to_connect checks whether it's Arg 'servers' is a string. It should rather be checking if the arg is a list and accordingly make the changes if required. Changed the Arg 'servers' validation type from 'str' to 'list'. Change-Id: I74ddb489cd286c1f2531af478f8811759173f01e Signed-off-by: Vinayak Papnoi <>
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diff --git a/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/ b/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
index 7027ce1..778953c 100644
--- a/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
+++ b/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ def wait_for_peers_to_connect(mnode, servers, wait_timeout=30):
False otherwise.
- if not isinstance(servers, str):
+ if not isinstance(servers, list):
servers = [servers]
count = 0