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[Libfix] Move NFS Ganesha support to GlusterBaseClass
Problem: NFS-Ganesha Tests inherits 'NfsGaneshaClusterSetupClass' whereas the other tests inherits 'GlusterBaseClass'. This causes a cyclic dependency when trying to run other modules with Nfs-Ganesha. Fix: 1. Move the Nfs-Ganesha dependencies to GlusterBaseClass 2. Modify the Nfs-Ganesha tests to inherit from GlusterBaseClass 3. Remove setup_nfs_ganesha method call from existing Ganesha tests as its invoked by default from GlusterBaseClass.SetUpClass Change-Id: I1e382fdb2b29585c097dfd0fea0b45edafb6442b Signed-off-by: Pranav <>
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