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authorValerii Ponomarov <>2019-11-20 16:41:16 +0530
committerBala Konda Reddy M <>2019-11-21 09:06:42 +0000
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[py2to3] Replace usage of ".iteitems()" attr with ".items()"
Dict attribute called "iteritems()" is not supported in the py3. So, replace it's usage with another similar attr called "items()". Change-Id: I130b7f67f0a2d5da5ed6c3d792f5ff024ba148f4 Signed-off-by: Valerii Ponomarov <>
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diff --git a/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/ b/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
index 5da4d86..279b902 100755
--- a/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
+++ b/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ def quota_validate(mnode, volname, path, **kwargs):
listinfo = quotalist[path]
ret = True
- for key, value in kwargs.iteritems():
+ for key, value in kwargs.items():
if key and listinfo[key] != value:
g.log.error("%s = %s does not match with expected value %s",
key, str(listinfo[key]), str(value))