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Test case to detach node used for mounting
Test case: 1.Create a 1X3 volume with only 3 nodes from the cluster. 2.Mount volume on client node using the ip of the fourth node. 3.Write IOs to the volume. 4.Detach node N4 from cluster. 5.Create a new directory on the mount point. 6.Create a few files using the same command used in step 3. 7.Add three more bricks to make the volume 2x3 using add-brick command. 8.Do a gluster volume rebalance on the volume. 9.Create more files from the client on the mount point. 10.Check for files on bricks from both replica sets. 11.Create a new directory from the client on the mount point. 12.Check for directory in both replica sets. Change-Id: I228b79955dca565a40994919b2903e59cad7d8f5 Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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