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[Test] Self-heal, add-brick on replicated volume typesHEADmaster
1. Create a replicated/distributed-replicate volume and mount it 2. Start IO from the clients 3. Bring down a brick from the subvol and validate it is offline 4. Bring back the brick online and wait for heal to complete 5. Once the heal is completed, expand the volume. 6. Trigger rebalance and wait for rebalance to complete 7. Validate IO, no errors during the steps performed from step 2 8. Check arequal of the subvol and all the brick in the same subvol should have same checksum Note: This tests is cleary for replicated volume types. Change-Id: I2286e75cbee4f22a0ed14d6c320a4496dc3c3905 Signed-off-by: Bala Konda Reddy M <>
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