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authorVinayak Papnoi <>2019-06-27 16:28:54 +0530
committerBala Konda Reddy M <>2019-07-23 07:24:26 +0000
commit7dea784f135c10d4d6ecb1b5549e59e66e582b91 (patch)
parent1ca1c623f156ab741dd8757c570d3b060d5a8dec (diff)
[geo-rep] Removing 'create_shared_storage' function as separate libraries exist
The function 'create_shared_storage' is redundant as the same function is available as part of the shared-storage library. This part will be removed from the geo-rep library with this fix. To create/enable shared storage, make use of the library. Change-Id: Ibefca73140e1218f0aa9331f061ef4fc8d9360e3 Signed-off-by: Vinayak Papnoi <>
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diff --git a/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/ b/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
index 8acec0d0e..e68901d63 100755
--- a/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
+++ b/glustolibs-gluster/glustolibs/gluster/
@@ -21,29 +21,6 @@
from glusto.core import Glusto as g
-def create_shared_storage(mnode):
- """Create shared volume which is necessary for the setup of
- a geo-rep session
- Args:
- mnode(str): Node on which command is to be executed
- Returns:
- tuple: Tuple containing three elements (ret, out, err).
- The first element 'ret' is of type 'int' and is the return value
- of command execution.
- The second element 'out' is of type 'str' and is the stdout value
- of the command execution.
- The third element 'err' is of type 'str' and is the stderr value
- of the command execution.
- """
- cmd = "gluster volume set all cluster.enable-shared-storage enable"
- return, cmd)
def georep_createpem(mnode):
""" Creates a common pem pub file on all the nodes in the master and
is used to implement the passwordless SSH connection