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Adding info about glusto-tests.
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# Glusto Tests
-This repo includes the Glusto libraries and tests.
+'glusto-tests' repo contains automated testcases for testing gluster software.
+It provides the Libraries/Modules necessary for automating the gluster tests.
+The Libraries/Modules/Tests in glusto-tests are written using the 'glusto'
+framework. TestCases in glusto-tests can we written/run using standard
+PyUnit, PyTest or Nose methodologies as supported by 'glusto' framework.
+Refer to '' for info on 'glusto'
+To automate/run glusto-tests we need to install the following packages:
+- glusto
+- glustolibs-gluster
+- glustolibs-io
+How to install glusto:
+- pip install
+ # pip install --upgrade git+git://
+ or
+- git clone
+ # git clone
+ # cd glusto
+ # python
+Refer to:
+How to install the glustolibs-gluster and glustolibs-io libraries:
+ # git clone
+ # cd glusto-tests/glustolibs-gluster
+ # python install
+ # cd glusto-tests/glustolibs-io
+ # python install
+How to run the test case:
+- Create config file containing info about the servers, clients, volumes,
+ mounts. Please refer to example config file under tests directory in
+ glusto-tests repo. The example config file is in yaml format and
+ defines sections which provides info about the gluster cluster.
+ We can use any 'glusto' framework supported formats for writing the
+ config files.
+ Refer :
+- glusto-tests are run using the 'glusto' command available after installing
+ the glusto framework. The various options to run tests as provided by
+ glusto framework:
+ To run PyUnit tests:
+ # glusto -c 'config.yml' -d 'tests'
+ # glusto -c 'config.yml unittest_list.yml' -u
+ To run PyTest tests:
+ # glusto -c 'config.yml' --pytest='-v -x tests -m bvt'
+ To run Nose tests:
+ # glusto -c 'config.yml' --nosetests='-v -w tests'
+ Refer:
+Writing tests in glusto-tests:
+'tests' directory in glusto-tests contains testcases. One might want to create
+a dir with feature name as the name of test directory under 'tests' to add
+new testcases.
+TestCases in glusto-tests can we written using standard PyUnit, PyTest or Nose
+methodologies as supported by 'glusto' framework.
+To write PyUnit tests:
+To write PyTest tests:
+To write Nose tests:
+Log file name and Log level can be passed as argument to glusto command while
+running the glusto-tests. For example:
+ # glusto -c 'config.yml' -l /tmp/glustotests_bvt.log --log-level DEBUG --pytest='-v -x tests -m bvt'
+One can configure log files, log levels in the testcases as well. For details
+on how to use glusto framework for configuring logs in tests Refer to:
+Default log location is '/tmp/glustomain.log'.
+Note: When using 'glusto' via the Python Interactive Interpreter,
+the default log location is '/tmp/glusto.log'.