path: root/xlators/storage/bdb
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* Changed occurrences of Z Research to Gluster.Vijay Bellur2009-10-074-4/+4
* Global: NFS-friendly prototype changesShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-1/+2
* Global: Introduce setattr and fsetattr fopsShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-157/+117
* storage/bdb - replace ZR_FILENAME_MAX by NAME_MAXBasavanagowda Kanur2009-07-061-2/+2
* fix bdb_db_get() to return exactly read bytes and to copy the read data to gi...Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-232-10/+18
* changes to database read interface, to make use of a given buffer instead of ...Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-133-79/+100
* log formatting fixes. use GF_PRI_SIZET for size_t.Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-131-22/+32
* prefix ULL to large constants (to fix bdb build warning)Anand V. Avati2009-04-121-2/+2
* update storage/bdb with new readv writev prototypesAnand V. Avati2009-04-121-71/+26
* introduction of secondary index database in storage/bdbBasavanagowda Kanur2009-04-084-1523/+2019
* link() & rename() on storage/bdb will always return EXDEV.Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-083-353/+2
* storage/bdb untabify, code alignment to limit to 80 characters per line.Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-084-4409/+4566
* Moving few translators which are not well tested, are in beta stage to 'testi...Amar Tumballi2009-03-181-1/+1
* Add extra 'volume' parameter to inodelk/entrylk callsVikas Gorur2009-03-121-6/+6
* updated copyright header to extend copyright upto 2009Basavanagowda Kanur2009-02-264-4/+4
* Added all filesVikas Gorur2009-02-186-0/+5680