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* multiple files: another attempt to remove includesYaniv Kaul2019-06-141-2/+3
* WORM-Xlator: Maybe integer overflow when computing new atimeDavid Spisla2019-03-071-4/+4
* Don't depend on string options to be valid alwaysPranith Kumar K2018-12-171-1/+1
* libglusterfs: Move devel headers under glusterfs directoryShyamsundarR2018-12-051-1/+1
* Land clang-format changesGluster Ant2018-09-121-15/+13
* features/worm: new config option to manage deletion of Worm files.Vishal Pandey2017-11-201-0/+1
* features/worm: updating function names & unwinding FOPs with op_errnokarthik-us2016-05-311-0/+1
* WORM/Retention Translator: Implementation of file level WORMkarthik-us2016-05-011-1/+16
* read-only: read-only/worm translator should be in brick graph by defaultAtin Mukherjee2015-03-241-0/+21