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* fuse: fetch arbitrary number of groups from /proc/[pid]/statusCsaba Henk2020-08-211-2/+11
* tests/fuse/bug-965974.t: turn off md-cache, to fix failure of the testRaghavendra G2019-12-191-3/+2
* test: Change glustershd_pid update in .t fileMohit Agrawal2019-04-121-2/+2
* stripe: remove the translator from build and glusterdAmar Tumballi2018-10-311-1/+1
* Land part 2 of clang-format changesGluster Ant2018-09-121-23/+25
* test: Marking test case bug-1309462.t as badShyamsundarR2018-05-231-1/+2
* added dependency check for netstatSven Fischer2018-03-121-2/+0
* tests: fix tests/bugs/fuse/bug-858215.tCsaba Henk2018-01-311-2/+2
* mount/fuse: Make event-history feature configurableKrutika Dhananjay2017-09-241-1/+1
* glusterd: Gluster should keep PID file in correct locationGaurav Kumar Garg2017-08-111-2/+2
* md-cache: Cache security.ima xattrsPoornima G2017-01-201-22/+0
* glusterfsd/main: Add ability to set oom_score_adjOleksandr Natalenko2016-06-011-0/+52
* glusterd: default value of nfs.disable, change from false to trueKaleb S KEITHLEY2016-04-272-0/+2
* md-cache: Cache gluster-swift metadataPrashanth Pai2016-03-161-0/+22
* tests: Add mechanism for disabled testsRaghavendra Talur2016-03-091-0/+2
* fuse: Add a new mount option capabilityPoornima G2016-03-071-0/+49
* tests:bugs:fuse: add and to facilitate manual testingMichael Adam2015-12-112-0/+25
* tests:bugs:fuse: add test for bug #1283103 - selinux mount vs security xattrsMichael Adam2015-12-111-0/+59
* tests/bug-924726.t: fix grep pattern to get correct glusterfs pidRaghavendra G2015-12-091-1/+1
* glusterfsd : newly added brick receives fops only after it is startedSakshi2015-09-221-0/+4
* fuse: add "resolve-gids" mount option to overcome 32-groups limitNiels de Vos2015-08-051-0/+113
* tests: Spurious failure in fop-sanity.tNithya Balachandran2015-05-071-1/+1
* tests: move all test-cases into component subdirectoriesNiels de Vos2015-01-069-0/+498