path: root/libglusterfs/src/gfdb/gfdb_data_store_types.h
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* libglusterfs: remove unused gfdb specific files from repoAmar Tumballi2019-11-181-532/+0
* Land clang-format changesGluster Ant2018-09-121-307/+247
* All: run codespell on the code and fix issues.Yaniv Kaul2018-07-221-1/+1
* libglusterfs+changetimerecorder: reduce log noiseJeff Darcy2017-02-101-1/+1
* cluster/tier: handle fast demotionsMilind Changire2016-10-191-1/+7
* cluster/tier: Adding compaction option for metadata databasesDiogenes Nunez2016-09-041-33/+17
* ctr/sql: Providing for vol set for sqlcachesize and sqlWALsize and skip recor...Joseph Fernandes2015-12-221-8/+11
* tier/ctr: Correcting rename logicJoseph Fernandes2015-11-251-2/+9
* tier/libgfdb: Replacing ASCII query file with binaryJoseph Fernandes2015-11-061-173/+1
* tier/ctr: Solution for db locks for tier migrator and ctr using sqlite versio...Joseph Fernandes2015-10-081-0/+10
* tier/ctr: Solving DB Lock issue due to write contention from db connectionsJoseph Fernandes2015-09-081-2/+2
* cluster/tier: fix 64 bit issue with sql query using timesDan Lambright2015-08-131-2/+2
* tier/ctr: Ignore creation of T file and Ctr Lookup heal improvememntsJoseph Fernandes2015-06-261-2/+13
* gfdb/libglusterfs : Porting to a new logging frameworkMohamed Ashiq2015-06-101-12/+16
* build: do not #include "config.h" in each fileNiels de Vos2015-05-291-5/+0
* CTR/Libgfdb: Log typo fixJoseph Fernandes2015-05-101-2/+2
* ctr/libgfdb: Performance enhancer for unlink/create/rename/link fopsJoseph Fernandes2015-05-011-0/+6
* build: make contrib/uuid dependency optionalNiels de Vos2015-04-101-0/+1
* ctr : Fix for heating of files during promotion/demotionJoseph Fernandes2015-04-081-0/+4
* Avoid conflict between contrib/uuid and system uuidEmmanuel Dreyfus2015-04-041-1/+1
* Adding Libgfdb to GlusterFSJoseph Fernandes2015-03-181-0/+733