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* cli: type mismatch global_quotad_rpc in cli-quotad-client.cKaleb S. KEITHLEY2020-07-091-2/+0
* cli: defer create_frame() (and dict creation) to later stages.Yaniv Kaul2019-07-161-6/+6
* Land part 2 of clang-format changesGluster Ant2018-09-121-117/+89
* multiple files: calloc -> mallocYaniv Kaul2018-09-041-1/+1
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* cli : 'gluster volume help' output sorted alphabetically Mohamed Ashiq2015-10-281-6/+14
* build: do not #include "config.h" in each fileNiels de Vos2015-05-291-5/+0
* snapshot: remove volname(s) to volname for snapshot createMohammed Rafi KC2015-04-011-1/+1
* Snapshot/clone: clone of a snapshot that will act as a regular volumeMohammed Rafi KC2015-03-181-0/+4
* snapshot: append timestamp with snapnameMohammed Rafi KC2015-03-101-1/+2
* glusterd/snapshot: Snapshot should be deactivated when it is createdvmallika2014-11-121-1/+2
* feature/snapshot : Interface to delete all snapshots belongingSachin Pandit2014-07-251-1/+1
* glusterd/snapshot : Provide enable/disable option for snapshot auto-delete fe...Sachin Pandit2014-06-131-1/+3
* glusterd/snapshot: Activation and De-activation of snapshotJoseph Fernandes2014-05-021-0/+8
* gluster: GlusterFS Volume Snapshot FeatureAvra Sengupta2014-04-111-0/+145