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* cli: type mismatch global_quotad_rpc in cli-quotad-client.cKaleb S. KEITHLEY2020-07-091-2/+0
* Revert "glusterd: (storhaug) remove ganesha (843e1b0)"Jiffin Tony Thottan2019-08-241-0/+57
* cli: defer create_frame() (and dict creation) to later stages.Yaniv Kaul2019-07-161-4/+6
* libglusterfs: Move devel headers under glusterfs directoryShyamsundarR2018-12-051-3/+3
* Land part 2 of clang-format changesGluster Ant2018-09-121-89/+87
* multiple files: calloc -> mallocYaniv Kaul2018-09-041-1/+1
* cli: gluster help changesN Balachandran2017-11-021-0/+3
* glusterd: Add option to get all volume options through get-state CLISamikshan Bairagya2017-07-251-1/+1
* glusterd: Add client details to get-state outputSamikshan Bairagya2017-04-121-1/+2
* glusterd: (storhaug) remove ganeshaKaleb S. KEITHLEY2017-03-211-54/+0
* glusterd/cli: cli to get local state representation from glusterdSamikshan Bairagya2016-08-261-1/+56
* cli : 'gluster volume help' output sorted alphabetically Mohamed Ashiq2015-10-281-3/+12
* build: do not #include "config.h" in each fileNiels de Vos2015-05-291-5/+0
* NFS-Ganesha: Handling CLI commands when NFS-Ganesha keys are setMeghana Madhusudhan2015-04-301-0/+131