path: root/api/src/glfs-resolve.c
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* gfapi: backport handles to 3.4 for nfs-ganeshav3.4.2qa2Kaleb S. KEITHLEY2013-12-041-2/+65
* gfapi: remove unnecessary call to glfs_resolve_base()Anand Avati2013-11-261-1/+2
* gfapi: wake migration waiters after migrationAnand Avati2013-11-261-0/+3
* api: Fill loc.path and loc.gfid before syncop_open.Raghavendra Talur2013-09-101-0/+9
* gfapi: apply an upper bound on nested symlink resolutionAnand Avati2013-09-101-1/+11
* gfapi: store the open/create flags in fd_t objectPoornima2013-09-101-0/+1
* gfapi: handle failures in graph switchesAnand Avati2013-07-301-0/+3
* gfapi: handle graph switch (cwd, fds, locks)Anand Avati2013-06-081-8/+486
* gfapi: optimistic resolution with ESTALE detectionAnand Avati2013-06-081-25/+42
* gfapi: handle root (/) resolution gracefully for realpath()Anand Avati2013-06-081-1/+4
* gfapi: support for chdir() and familyAnand Avati2013-06-081-4/+26
* gfapi: dict_unref() xattr_req in fop finish instead of dict_destroy()Anand Avati2013-03-071-1/+1
* glfs-resolve: fix resolution of "/"Anand Avati2012-10-031-2/+27
* gfapi: fix the failure in glfs_open()Amar Tumballi2012-09-251-1/+1
* gfapi: add symlink (auto resolution) support in resolverAnand Avati2012-09-171-3/+93
* gfapi: API/library for accessing gluster volumesAnand Avati2012-07-181-0/+244