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+. $(dirname $0)/../../include.rc
+TEST glusterd
+TEST pidof glusterd
+TEST $CLI volume create $V0 $H0:$B0/${V0}{0,1}
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 features.shard on
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 performance.quick-read off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 performance.write-behind off
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0
+TEST $GFS --volfile-id=$V0 --volfile-server=$H0 $M0
+#Open a file and store descriptor in fd = 5
+exec 5>$M0/foo
+#Unlink the same file which is opened in prev step
+TEST unlink $M0/foo
+#Write something on the file using the open fd = 5
+echo "issue-1281" >&5
+#Write on the descriptor should be succesful
+EXPECT 0 echo $?
+#Close the fd = 5
+exec 5>&-