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+# Release notes for Gluster 3.8.1
+This is a bugfix release. The [Release Notes for 3.8.0]( and
+[3.8.1]( contain a listing of all the new features that were added and
+bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.8 stable release.
+## Bugs addressed
+A total of 54 patches have been merged, addressing 50 bugs:
+- [#1339928]( Misleading error message on rebalance start when one of the glusterd instance is down
+- [#1346133]( tiering : Multiple brick processes crashed on tiered volume while taking snapshots
+- [#1351878]( client ID should logged when SSL connection fails
+- [#1352771]( [DHT]: Rebalance info for remove brick operation is not showing after glusterd restart
+- [#1352926]( gluster volume status <volume> client" isn't showing any information when one of the nodes in a 3-way Distributed-Replicate volume is shut down
+- [#1353814]( Bricks are starting when server quorum not met.
+- [#1354250]( Gluster fuse client crashed generating core dump
+- [#1354395]( rpc-transport: compiler warning format string
+- [#1354405]( process glusterd set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT failed
+- [#1354429]( [Bitrot] Need a way to set scrub interval to a minute, for ease of testing
+- [#1354499]( service file is executable
+- [#1355609]( [granular entry sh] - Clean up (stale) directory indices in the event of an `rm -rf` and also in the normal flow while a brick is down
+- [#1355610]( Fix timing issue in tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-963541.t
+- [#1355639]( [Bitrot]: Scrub status- Certain fields continue to show previous run's details, even if the current run is in progress
+- [#1356439]( Upgrade from 3.7.8 to 3.8.1 doesn't regenerate the volfiles
+- [#1357257]( observing " Too many levels of symbolic links" after adding bricks and then issuing a replace brick
+- [#1357773]( [georep]: If a georep session is recreated the existing files which are deleted from slave doesn't get sync again from master
+- [#1357834]( Gluster/NFS does not accept dashes in hostnames in exports/netgroups files
+- [#1357975]( [Bitrot+Sharding] Scrub status shows incorrect values for 'files scrubbed' and 'files skipped'
+- [#1358262]( Trash translator fails to create 'internal_op' directory under already existing trash directory
+- [#1358591]( Fix spurious failure of tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1111041.t
+- [#1359020]( [Bitrot]: Sticky bit files considered and skipped by the scrubber, instead of getting ignored.
+- [#1359364]( changelog/rpc: Memory leak- rpc_clnt_t object is never freed
+- [#1359625]( remove hardcoding in get_aux function
+- [#1359654]( Polling failure errors getting when volume is started&stopped with SSL enabled setup.
+- [#1360122]( Tiering related core observed with "uuid_is_null () message".
+- [#1360138]( [Stress/Scale] : I/O errors out from gNFS mount points during high load on an erasure coded volume,Logs flooded with Error messages.
+- [#1360174]( IO error seen with Rolling or non-disruptive upgrade of an distribute-disperse(EC) volume from 3.7.5 to 3.7.9
+- [#1360556]( afr coverity fixes
+- [#1360573]( Fix spurious failures in split-brain-favorite-child-policy.t
+- [#1360574]( multiple failures of tests/bugs/disperse/bug-1236065.t
+- [#1360575]( Fix spurious failures in ec.t
+- [#1360576]( [Disperse volume]: IO hang seen on mount with file ops
+- [#1360579]( tests: ./tests/bitrot/br-stub.t fails intermittently
+- [#1360985]( [SNAPSHOT]: The PID for snapd is displayed even after snapd process is killed.
+- [#1361449]( Direct io to sharded files fails when on zfs backend
+- [#1361483]( posix: leverage FALLOC_FL_ZERO_RANGE in zerofill fop
+- [#1361665]( Memory leak observed with upcall polling
+- [#1362025]( Add output option `--xml` to man page of gluster
+- [#1362065]( tests: ./tests/bitrot/bug-1244613.t fails intermittently
+- [#1362069]( [GSS] Rebalance crashed
+- [#1362198]( [tiering]: Files of size greater than that of high watermark level should not be promoted
+- [#1363598]( File not found errors during rpmbuild: /var/lib/glusterd/hooks/1/delete/post/{c,o}
+- [#1364326]( Spurious failure in tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1089668.t
+- [#1364329]( Glusterd crashes upon receiving SIGUSR1
+- [#1364365]( Bricks doesn't come online after reboot [ Brick Full ]
+- [#1364497]( posix: honour fsync flags in posix_do_zerofill
+- [#1365265]( Glusterd not operational due to snapshot conflicting with nfs-ganesha export file in "/var/lib/glusterd/snaps"
+- [#1365742]( inode leak in brick process
+- [#1365743]( GlusterFS - Memory Leak - High Memory Utilization