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## Deployment
Quick instructions to build and install can be found in [INSTALL](INSTALL) file.
+## Testing
+ GlusterFS source contains some functional tests under `tests/` directory. All
+ these tests are run against every patch submitted for review. If you want your
+ patch to be tested, please add a `.t` test file as part of your patch submission.
+ You can also submit a patch to only add a `.t` file for the test case you are
+ aware of.
+ To run these tests, on your test-machine, just run `./`. Don't run
+ this on a machine where you have 'production' glusterfs is running, as it would
+ blindly kill all gluster processes in each runs.
+ If you are sending a patch, and want to validate one or few specific tests, then
+ run a single test by running the below command.
+ bash# /bin/bash ${path_to_gluster}/tests/basic/rpc-coverage.t
+ You can also use `prove` tool if available in your machine, as follows.
+ bash# prove -vmfe '/bin/bash' ${path_to_gluster}/tests/basic/rpc-coverage.t
## Maintainers
The list of Gluster maintainers is available in [MAINTAINERS](MAINTAINERS) file.