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## Bugs addressed
Bugs addressed since release-5 are listed below.
+- [#1138841]( allow the use of the CIDR format with auth.allow
+- [#1236272]( socket: Use newer system calls that provide better interface/performance on Linux/*BSD when available
+- [#1243991]( "gluster volume set <VOLNAME> group <GROUP>" is not in the help text
+- [#1285126]( RFE: GlusterFS NFS does not implement an all_squash volume setting
+- [#1343926]( port-map: let brick choose its own port
+- [#1364707]( Remove deprecated stripe xlator
+- [#1427397]( script to strace processes consuming high CPU
+- [#1467614]( Gluster read/write performance improvements on NVMe backend
+- [#1486532]( need a script to resolve backtraces
+- [#1511339]( In Replica volume 2*2 when quorum is set, after glusterd restart nfs server is coming up instead of self-heal daemon
+- [#1535495]( Add option -h and --help to gluster cli
+- [#1535528]( Gluster cli show no help message in prompt
+- [#1560561]( systemd service file enhancements
+- [#1560969]( Garbage collect inactive inodes in fuse-bridge
+- [#1564149]( Agree upon a coding standard, and automate check for this in smoke
+- [#1564890]( mount.glusterfs: can't shift that many
+- [#1575836]( logic in hook script needs tweaking
+- [#1579788]( Thin-arbiter: Have the state of volume in memory
+- [#1582516]( libgfapi: glfs init fails on afr volume with ctime feature enabled
+- [#1590385]( Refactor dht lookup code
+- [#1593538]( ctime: Access time is different with in same replica/EC volume
+- [#1596787]( glusterfs rpc-clnt.c: error returned while attempting to connect to host: (null), port 0
+- [#1598345]( gluster get-state command is crashing glusterd process when geo-replication is configured
+- [#1600145]( [geo-rep]: Worker still ACTIVE after killing bricks
+- [#1605056]( [RHHi] Mount hung and not accessible
+- [#1605077]( If a node disconnects during volume delete, it assumes deleted volume as a freshly created volume when it is back online
+- [#1608512]( cluster.server-quorum-type help text is missing possible settings
+- [#1624006]( /var/run/gluster/metrics/ wasn't created automatically
+- [#1624332]( [Thin-arbiter]: Add tests for thin arbiter feature
+- [#1624724]( ctime: Enable ctime feature by default and also improve usability by providing single option to enable
+- [#1624796]( mkdir -p fails with "No data available" when root-squash is enabled
+- [#1625850]( tests: fixes to bug-1015990-rep.t
+- [#1625961]( Writes taking very long time leading to system hogging
+- [#1626313]( fix glfs_fini related problems
+- [#1626610]( [USS]: Change gf_log to gf_msg
+- [#1626994]( split-brain observed on parent dir
+- [#1627610]( glusterd crash in regression build
+- [#1627620]( SAS job aborts complaining about file doesn't exist
+- [#1628194]( tests/dht: Additional tests for dht operations
+- [#1628605]( One client hangs when another client loses communication with bricks during intensive write I/O
+- [#1628664]( Update op-version from 4.2 to 5.0
+- [#1629561]( geo-rep: geo-rep config set fails to set rsync-options
+- [#1630368]( Low Random write IOPS in VM workloads
+- [#1630798]( Add performance options to virt profile
+- [#1630804]( libgfapi-python: test_listdir_with_stat and test_scandir failure on release 5 branch
+- [#1630922]( glusterd crashed and core generated at gd_mgmt_v3_unlock_timer_cbk after huge number of volumes were created
+- [#1631128]( rpc marks brick disconnected from glusterd & volume stop transaction gets timed out
+- [#1631357]( glusterfsd keeping fd open in index xlator after stop the volume
+- [#1631886]( Update database profile settings for gluster
+- [#1632161]( [Disperse] : Set others.eager-lock on for ec-1468261.t test to pass
+- [#1632236]( Provide indication at the console or in the logs about the progress being made with changelog processing.
+- [#1632503]( FUSE client segfaults when is enabled for a volume
+- [#1632717]( EC crashes when running on non 64-bit architectures
+- [#1632889]( 'df' shows half as much space on volume after upgrade to RHGS 3.4
+- [#1633926]( Script to collect system-stats
+- [#1634102]( MAINTAINERS: Add sunny kumar as a peer for snapshot component
+- [#1634220]( md-cache: some problems of cache virtual glusterfs ACLs for ganesha
+- [#1635050]( [SNAPSHOT]: with brick multiplexing, snapshot restore will make glusterd send wrong volfile
+- [#1635145]( I/O errors observed on the application side after the creation of a 'linkto' file
+- [#1635480]( Correction for glusterd memory leak because use "gluster volume status volume_name --detail" continuesly (cli)
+- [#1635593]( glusterd crashed in cleanup_and_exit when glusterd comes up with upgrade mode.
+- [#1635688]( Keep only the valid (maintained/supported) components in the build
+- [#1635820]( Seeing defunt translator and discrepancy in volume info when issued from node which doesn't host bricks in that volume
+- [#1635863]( Gluster peer probe doesn't work for IPv6
+- [#1636570]( Cores due to SIGILL during multiplex regression tests
+- [#1636631]( Issuing a "heal ... full" on a disperse volume causes permanent high CPU utilization.
+- [#1637196]( Disperse volume 'df' usage is extremely incorrect after replace-brick.
+- [#1637249]( gfid heal does not happen when there is no source brick
+- [#1637802]( data-self-heal in arbiter volume results in stale locks.
+- [#1637934]( glusterfsd is keeping fd open in index xlator
+- [#1638453]( Gfid mismatch seen on shards when lookup and mknod are in progress at the same time
+- [#1639599]( Improve support-ability of glusterfs
+- [#1640026]( improper checking to avoid identical mounts
+- [#1640066]( [Stress] : Mismatching iatt in glustershd logs during MTSH and continous IO from Ganesha mounts
+- [#1640165]( io-stats: garbage characters in the filenames generated
+- [#1640489]( Invalid memory read after freed in dht_rmdir_readdirp_cbk
+- [#1640495]( [GSS] Fix log level issue with brick mux
+- [#1640581]( [AFR] : Start crawling indices and healing only if both data bricks are UP in replica 2 (thin-arbiter)
+- [#1641344]( Spurious failures in bug-1637802-arbiter-stale-data-heal-lock.t
+- [#1642448]( EC volume getting created without any redundant brick
+- [#1642597]( tests/bugs/glusterd/optimized-basic-testcases-in-cluster.t failing
+- [#1642800]( socket: log voluntary socket close/shutdown and EOF on socket at INFO log-level
+- [#1642807]( remove 'tier' translator from build and code
+- [#1642810]( remove glupy from code and build
+- [#1642850]( glusterd: raise default transport.listen-backlog to 1024
+- [#1642865]( geo-rep: geo-replication gets stuck after file rename and gfid conflict
+- [#1643349]( [OpenSSL] : auth.ssl-allow has no option description.
+- [#1643402]( [Geo-Replication] Geo-rep faulty sesion because of the directories are not synced to slave.
+- [#1643519]( Provide an option to silence glfsheal logs
+- [#1643929]( geo-rep: gluster-mountbroker status crashes
+- [#1643932]( geo-rep: On gluster command failure on slave, worker crashes with python3
+- [#1643935]( cliutils: geo-rep cliutils' usage of Popen is not python3 compatible
+- [#1644129]( Excessive logging in posix_update_utime_in_mdata
+- [#1644164]( Use GF_ATOMIC ops to update inode->nlookup
+- [#1644629]( [rpcsvc] Single request Queue for all event threads is a performance bottleneck
+- [#1644755]( CVE-2018-14651 glusterfs: glusterfs server exploitable via symlinks to relative paths [fedora-all]
+- [#1644756]( CVE-2018-14653 glusterfs: Heap-based buffer overflow via "gf_getspec_req" RPC message [fedora-all]
+- [#1644757]( CVE-2018-14659 glusterfs: Unlimited file creation via "GF_XATTR_IOSTATS_DUMP_KEY" xattr allows for denial of service [fedora-all]
+- [#1644758]( CVE-2018-14660 glusterfs: Repeat use of "GF_META_LOCK_KEY" xattr allows for memory exhaustion [fedora-all]
+- [#1644760]( CVE-2018-14654 glusterfs: "features/index" translator can create arbitrary, empty files [fedora-all]
+- [#1644763]( CVE-2018-14661 glusterfs: features/locks translator passes an user-controlled string to snprintf without a proper format string resulting in a denial of service [fedora-all]
+- [#1645986]( tests/bugs/glusterd/optimized-basic-testcases-in-cluster.t failing in distributed regression
+- [#1646104]( [Geo-rep]: Faulty geo-rep sessions due to link ownership on slave volume
+- [#1646728]( [snapview-server]:forget glfs handles during inode forget
+- [#1646869]( gNFS crashed when processing "gluster v status [vol] nfs clients"
+- [#1646892]( Portmap entries showing stale brick entries when bricks are down
+- [#1647029]( can't enable shared-storage
+- [#1647074]( when peer detach is issued, throw a warning to remount volumes using other cluster IPs before proceeding
+- [#1647651]( gfapi: fix bad dict setting of lease-id
+- [#1648237]( Bumping up of op-version times out on a scaled system with ~1200 volumes
+- [#1648298]( dht_revalidate may not heal attrs on the brick root
+- [#1648687]( Incorrect usage of local->fd in afr_open_ftruncate_cbk
+- [#1648768]( Tracker bug for all leases related issues
+- [#1649709]( profile info doesn't work when decompounder xlator is not in graph
+- [#1650115]( glusterd requests are timing out in a brick multiplex setup
+- [#1650389]( rpc: log flooding with ENODATA errors
+- [#1650403]( Memory leaks observed in brick-multiplex scenario on volume start/stop loop
+- [#1650893]( fails to sync non-ascii (utf8) file and directory names, causes permanently faulty geo-replication state
+- [#1651059]( [OpenSSL] : Retrieving the value of "client.ssl" option,before SSL is set up, fails .
+- [#1651165]( Race in per-thread mem-pool when a thread is terminated
+- [#1651431]( Resolve memory leak at the time of graph init
+- [#1651439]( gluster-NFS crash while expanding volume
+- [#1651463]( glusterd can't regenerate volfiles in container storage upgrade workflow
+- [#1651498]( [geo-rep]: Failover / Failback shows fault status in a non-root setup
+- [#1651584]( [geo-rep]: validate the config checkpoint date and fail if it is not is exact format hh:mm:ss
+- [#1652118]( default cluster.max-bricks-per-process to 250
+- [#1652430]( glusterd fails to start, when glusterd is restarted in a loop for every 45 seconds while volume creation is in-progress
+- [#1652852]( "gluster volume get" doesn't show real default value for server.tcp-user-timeout
+- [#1652887]( Geo-rep help looks to have a typo.
+- [#1652911]( Add no-verify and ssh-port n options for create command in man page
+- [#1653277]( bump up default value of server.event-threads
+- [#1653359]( Self-heal:Improve heal performance
+- [#1653565]( tests/geo-rep: Add arbiter volume test case
+- [#1654138]( Optimize for virt store fails with distribute volume type
+- [#1654181]( glusterd segmentation fault: glusterd_op_ac_brick_op_failed (event=0x7f44e0e63f40, ctx=0x0) at glusterd-op-sm.c:5606
+- [#1654187]( [geo-rep]: RFE - Make slave volume read-only while setting up geo-rep (by default)
+- [#1654270]( glusterd crashed with seg fault possibly during node reboot while volume creates and deletes were happening
+- [#1654521]( io-stats outputs json numbers as strings
+- [#1654805]( Bitrot: Scrub status say file is corrupted even it was just created AND 'path' in the output is broken
+- [#1654917]( cleanup resources in server_init in case of failure
+- [#1655050]( automatic split resolution with size as policy should not work on a directory which is in metadata splitbrain
+- [#1655052]( Automatic Splitbrain with size as policy must not resolve splitbrains when both the copies are of same size
+- [#1655827]( [Glusterd]: Glusterd crash while expanding volumes using heketi
+- [#1655854]( Converting distribute to replica-3/arbiter volume fails
+- [#1656100]( does not enforce automake --foreign
+- [#1656264]( Fix tests/bugs/shard/zero-flag.t
+- [#1656348]( Commit c9bde3021202f1d5c5a2d19ac05a510fc1f788ac causes ls slowdown
+- [#1656517]( [GSS] Gluster client logs filling with 0-glusterfs-socket: invalid port messages
+- [#1656682]( brick memory consumed by volume is not getting released even after delete
+- [#1656771]( [Samba-Enhancement] Need for a single group command for setting up volume options for samba
+- [#1656951]( cluster.max-bricks-per-process 250 not working as expected
+- [#1657607]( Convert nr_files to gf_atomic in posix_private structure
+- [#1657744]( quorum count not updated in nfs-server vol file
+- [#1657783]( Rename of a file leading to stale reads
+- [#1658045]( Resolve memory leak in mgmt_pmap_signout_cbk
+- [#1658116]( python2 to python3 compatibilty issues
+- [#1659327]( 43% regression in small-file sequential read performance
+- [#1659432]( Memory leak: dict_t leak in rda_opendir
+- [#1659708]( Optimize by not stopping (restart) selfheal deamon (shd) when a volume is stopped unless it is the last volume
+- [#1659857]( change max-port value in glusterd vol file to 60999
+- [#1659868]( glusterd : features.selinux was missing in glusterd-volume-set file
+- [#1659869]( improvements to io-cache
+- [#1659971]( Setting slave volume read-only option by default results in failure
+- [#1660577]( [Ganesha] Ganesha failed on one node while exporting volumes in loop
+- [#1660701]( Use adaptive mutex in rpcsvc_program_register to improve performance
+- [#1661214]( Brick is getting OOM for tests/bugs/core/bug-1432542-mpx-restart-crash.t
+- [#1662089]( NL cache: fix typos
+- [#1662264]( thin-arbiter: Check with thin-arbiter file before marking new entry change log
+- [#1662368]( [ovirt-gluster] Fuse mount crashed while deleting a 1 TB image file from ovirt
+- [#1662679]( Log connection_id in statedump for posix-locks as well for better debugging experience
+- [#1662906]( Longevity: glusterfsd(brick process) crashed when we do volume creates and deletes
+- [#1663077]( memory leak in mgmt handshake
+- [#1663102]( Change default value for client side heal to off for replicate volumes
+- [#1663223]( profile info command is not displaying information of bricks which are hosted on peers
+- [#1663243]( rebalance status does not display localhost statistics when op-version is not bumped up
+- [#1664122]( do not send bit-rot virtual xattrs in lookup response
+- [#1664124]( Improve information dumped from io-threads in statedump
+- [#1664551]( Wrong description of localtime-logging in manpages
+- [#1664647]( dht: Add NULL check for stbuf in dht_rmdir_lookup_cbk
+- [#1664934]( glusterfs-fuse client not benefiting from page cache on read after write
+- [#1665038]( glusterd crashed while running "gluster get-state glusterd odir /get-state"
+- [#1665332]( Wrong offset is used in offset for zerofill fop
+- [#1665358]( allow regression to not run tests with nfs, if nfs is disabled.
+- [#1665363]( Fix incorrect definition in index-mem-types.h
+- [#1665656]( testcaes glusterd/add-brick-and-validate-replicated-volume-options.t is crash while brick_mux is enable
+- [#1665826]( [geo-rep]: Directory renames not synced to slave in Hybrid Crawl
+- [#1666143]( Several fixes on socket pollin and pollout return value
+- [#1666833]( move few recurring logs to DEBUG level.
+- [#1667779]( glusterd leaks about 1GB memory per day on single machine of storage pool
+- [#1667804]( Unable to delete directories that contain linkto files that point to itself.
+- [#1667905]( dict_leak in __glusterd_handle_cli_uuid_get function
+- [#1668190]( Block hosting volume deletion via heketi-cli failed with error "target is busy" but deleted from gluster backend
+- [#1668268]( Unable to mount gluster volume
+- [#1669077]( [ovirt-gluster] Fuse mount crashed while creating the preallocated image
+- [#1669937]( Rebalance : While rebalance is in progress , SGID and sticky bit which is set on the files while file migration is in progress is seen on the mount point
+- [#1670031]( performance regression seen with smallfile workload tests
+- [#1670253]( Writes on Gluster 5 volumes fail with EIO when "cluster.consistent-metadata" is set
+- [#1670259]( New GFID file recreated in a replica set after a GFID mismatch resolution
+- [#1671213]( core: move "dict is NULL" logs to DEBUG log level
+- [#1671637]( geo-rep: Issue with configparser import
+- [#1672205]( 'gluster get-state' command fails if volume brick doesn't exist.
+- [#1672818]( GlusterFS 6.0 tracker
+- [#1673267]( Fix timeouts so the tests pass on AWS
+- [#1673972]( insufficient logging in glusterd_resolve_all_bricks
+- [#1674364]( glusterfs-fuse client not benefiting from page cache on read after write
+- [#1676429]( distribute: Perf regression in mkdir path
+- [#1677260]( rm -rf fails with "Directory not empty"
+- [#1678570]( glusterfs FUSE client crashing every few days with 'Failed to dispatch handler'
+- [#1679004]( With parallel-readdir enabled, deleting a directory containing stale linkto files fails with "Directory not empty"
+- [#1679275]( dht: fix double extra unref of inode at heal path
+- [#1679965]( Upgrade from glusterfs 3.12 to gluster 4/5 broken
+- [#1679998]( GlusterFS can be improved
+- [#1680020]( Integer Overflow possible in md-cache.c due to data type inconsistency
+- [#1680585]( remove glupy from code and build
+- [#1680586]( Building RPM packages with _for_fedora_koji_builds enabled fails on el6
+- [#1683008]( glustereventsd does not start on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
+- [#1683506]( remove experimental xlators informations from glusterd-volume-set.c
+- [#1683716]( glusterfind: revert shebangs to #!/usr/bin/python3
+- [#1683880]( Multiple shd processes are running on brick_mux environmet
+- [#1683900]( Failed to dispatch handler
+- [#1684029]( upgrade from 3.12, 4.1 and 5 to 6 broken
+- [#1684777]( gNFS crashed when processing "gluster v profile [vol] info nfs"
+- [#1685771]( glusterd memory usage grows at 98 MB/h while being monitored by RHGSWA
+- [#1686364]( [ovirt-gluster] Rolling gluster upgrade from 3.12.5 to 5.3 led to shard on-disk xattrs disappearing
+- [#1686399]( listing a file while writing to it causes deadlock
+- [#1686875]( packaging: rdma on s390x, unnecessary ldconfig scriptlets
+- [#1687248]( Error handling in /usr/sbin/gluster-eventsapi produces IndexError: tuple index out of range
+- [#1687672]( [geo-rep]: Checksum mismatch when 2x2 vols are converted to arbiter
+- [#1688218]( Brick process has coredumped, when starting glusterd