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### Added SELinux support for Gluster Volumes
**Notes for users:**
+A new xlator has been introduced (`features/selinux`) to allow setting the
+extended attribute (`security.selinux`) that is needed to support SELinux on
+Gluster volumes. The current ability to enforce the SELinux policy on the
+Gluster Storage servers prevents setting the extended attribute for use on the
+client side. The new translator converts the client-side SELinux extended
+attribute to a Gluster internal representation (the `trusted.glusterfs.selinux`
+extended attribute) to prevent problems.
-**Limitations:** <TBD>
+This feature is intended to be the base for implementing Labelled-NFS in
+NFS-Ganesha and SELinux support for FUSE mounts in the Linux kernel.
-**Known Issues:** <TBD>
+- The Linux kernel does not support mounting of FUSE filesystems with SELinux
+ support, yet.
+- NFS-Ganesha does not support Labelled-NFS, yet.
+**Known Issues:**
+- There has been limited testing, because other projects can not consume the
+ functionality yet without being part of a release. So far, no problems have
+ been observed, but this might change when other projects start to seriously
+ use this.
### Several memory leaks are fixed in gfapi during graph switches
**Notes for users:**