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changelog xlator: strncpy()->sprintf(), reduce strlen()'s
xlators/features/changelog/lib/src/gf-changelog-journal-handler.c xlators/features/changelog/lib/src/gf-changelog.c xlators/features/changelog/src/changelog-helpers.c xlators/features/changelog/src/changelog-misc.h strncpy may not be very efficient for short strings copied into a large buffer: If the length of src is less than n, strncpy() writes additional null bytes to dest to ensure that a total of n bytes are written. Instead, use snprintf(). Where possible, ensure there's no truncation of the output. Also: - save the result of strlen() and re-use it when possible. - move from strlen to SLEN (sizeof() ) for const strings. - switch a strncpy to a memcpy. Compile-tested only! Change-Id: Ia7a52bce0b243613ad910192ec163c93d944e077 updates: bz#1193929 Signed-off-by: Yaniv Kaul <>
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