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authorKotresh HR <>2019-06-13 16:23:21 +0530
committerXavi Hernandez <>2019-06-21 11:09:32 +0000
commit2959fbfbb77e2b1b2ccbc90610f8ff9362109ae3 (patch)
treeb36d1413cad462067779d8a23d149c476dd11170 /xlators/storage/posix/src/posix-metadata.c
parent804de0be6f100ede12f6131d3320cf06a227f191 (diff)
posix/ctime: Fix ctime upgrade issue
Problem: On a EC volume, during upgrade from the older version where ctime feature is not enabled(or not present) to the newer version where the ctime feature is available (enabled default), the self heal hangs and doesn't complete. Cause: The ctime feature has both client side code (utime) and server side code (posix). The feature is driven from client. Only if the client side sets the time in the frame, should the server side sets the time attributes in xattr. But posix setattr/fseattr was not doing that. When one of the server nodes is updated, since ctime is enabled by default, it starts setting xattr on setattr/fseattr on the updated node/brick. On a EC volume the first two updated nodes(bricks) are not a problem because there are 4 other bricks with consistent data. However once the third brick is updated, the new attribute(mdata xattr) will cause an inconsistency on metadata on 3 bricks, which prevents the file to be repaired. Fix: Don't create mdata xattr with utimes/utimensat system call. Only update if already present. Change-Id: Ieacedecb8a738bb437283ef3e0f042fd49dc4c8c fixes: bz#1720201 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
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diff --git a/xlators/storage/posix/src/posix-metadata.c b/xlators/storage/posix/src/posix-metadata.c
index e96f222..5a5e6cd 100644
--- a/xlators/storage/posix/src/posix-metadata.c
+++ b/xlators/storage/posix/src/posix-metadata.c
@@ -416,6 +416,22 @@ posix_set_mdata_xattr(xlator_t *this, const char *real_path, int fd,
* still fine as the times would get eventually
* accurate.
+ /* Don't create xattr with utimes/utimensat, only update if
+ * present. This otherwise causes issues during inservice
+ * upgrade. It causes inconsistent xattr values with in replica
+ * set. The scenario happens during upgrade where clients are
+ * older versions (without the ctime feature) and the server is
+ * upgraded to the new version (with the ctime feature which
+ * is enabled by default).
+ */
+ if (update_utime) {
+ UNLOCK(&inode->lock);
+ GF_FREE(mdata);
+ return 0;
+ }
mdata->version = 1;
mdata->flags = 0;
mdata->ctime.tv_sec = time->tv_sec;
@@ -527,6 +543,11 @@ posix_update_utime_in_mdata(xlator_t *this, const char *real_path, int fd,
priv = this->private;
+ /* NOTE:
+ * This routine (utimes) is intentionally allowed for all internal and
+ * external clients even if ctime is not set. This is because AFR and
+ * WORM uses time attributes for it's internal operations
+ */
if (inode && priv->ctime) {
tv.tv_sec = stbuf->ia_atime;