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protocol: make on-wire-change of protocol using new XDR definition.
With this patchset, some major things are changed in XDR, mainly: * Naming: Instead of gfs3/gfs4 settle for gfx_ for xdr structures * add iattx as a separate structure, and add conversion methods * the *_rsp structure is now changed, and is also reduced in number (ie, no need for different strucutes if it is similar to other response). * use proper XDR methods for sending dict on wire. Also, with the change of xdr structure, there are changes needed outside of xlator protocol layer to handle these properly. Mainly because the abstraction was broken to support 0-copy RDMA with payload for write and read FOP. This made transport layer know about the xdr payload, hence with the change of xdr payload structure, transport layer needed to know about the change. Updates #384 Change-Id: I1448fbe9deab0a1b06cb8351f2f37488cefe461f Signed-off-by: Amar Tumballi <>
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index 899db91..785a51f 100644
--- a/xlators/protocol/client/src/
+++ b/xlators/protocol/client/src/
@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@ client_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/libglusterfs/src/ \
client_la_SOURCES = client.c client-helpers.c client-rpc-fops.c \
- client-handshake.c client-callback.c client-lk.c client-common.c
+ client-handshake.c client-callback.c client-lk.c client-common.c \
+ client-rpc-fops_v2.c
noinst_HEADERS = client.h client-mem-types.h client-messages.h client-common.h