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committerVijay Bellur <>2012-02-20 00:30:54 -0800
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glusterd: auth allow enhancements
* PROBLEM: When address-based authentication is enabled on a volume, the gNfs server, self-heal daemon (shd), and other operations such as quota, rebalance, replace-brick and geo-replication either stop working or the services are not started if all the peers' ipv{4,6} addresses or hostnames are not added in the "set auth.allow" operation, breaking the functionality of several operations. E.g: volume vol in a cluster of two peers: /mnt/brick1 in /mnt/brick2 in option auth.allow (allow connection requests only from This will disrupt the nfs servers on 192.168.1.{4,5}. brick server processes reject connection requests from both nfs servers (on 4,5), because the peer addresses are not in the auth.allow list. Same holds true for local mounts (on peer machines), self-heal daemon, and other operations which perform a glusterfs mount on one of the peers. * SOLUTION: Login-based authentication (username/password pairs, henceforth referred to as "keys") for gluster services and operations. These *per-volume* keys can be used to by-pass the addr-based authentication, provided none of the peers' addresses are put in the auth.reject list, to enable gluster services like gNfs, self-heal daemon and internal operations on volumes when auth.allow option is exercised. * IMPLEMENTATION: 1. Glusterd generates keys for each volume and stores it in memory as well as in respective volfiles. A new TRUSTED-FUSE volfile is generated which is fuse volfile + keys in protocol/client, and is named trusted-<volname>-fuse.vol. This is used by all local mounts. ANY local mount (on any peer) is granted the trusted-fuse volfile instead of fuse volfile via getspec. non-local mounts are NOT granted the trusted fuse volfile. 2. The keys generated for the volume is written to each server volfile telling servers to allow users with these keys. 3. NFS, self-heal daemon and replace-brick volfiles are updated with the volume's authentication keys. 4. The keys are NOT written to fuse volfiles for obvious reasons. 5. The ownership of volfiles and logfiles is restricted to root users. 6. Merging two identical definitions of peer_info_t in auth/addr and rpc-lib, throwing away the one in auth/addr. 7. Code cleanup in numerous places as appropriate. * IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. One SHOULD NOT put any of the peer addresses in the auth.reject list if one wants any of the glusterd services and features such as gNfs, self-heal, rebalance, geo-rep and quota. 2. If one wants to use username/password based authentication to volumes, one shall append to the server, nfs and shd volfiles, the keys one wants to use for authentication, *while_retaining those_generated_by_glusterd*. See doc/authentication.txt file for details. Change-Id: Ie0331d625ad000d63090e2d622fe1728fbfcc453 BUG: 789942 Signed-off-by: Rajesh Amaravathi <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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diff --git a/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/ b/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/
index 7f1dd7445bf..f09d1c50237 100644
--- a/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/
+++ b/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/
@@ -8,4 +8,5 @@ addr_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/libglusterfs/src/
-I$(top_srcdir)/libglusterfs/src -shared -nostartfiles $(GF_CFLAGS) \
- -I$(top_srcdir)/xlators/protocol/server/src
+ -I$(top_srcdir)/xlators/protocol/server/src \
+ -I$(top_srcdir)/rpc/rpc-lib/src/
diff --git a/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/addr.c b/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/addr.c
index 0035d55bad9..0209dd3538f 100644
--- a/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/addr.c
+++ b/xlators/protocol/auth/addr/src/addr.c
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include <netdb.h>
#include "authenticate.h"
#include "dict.h"
+#include "rpc-transport.h"
#define ADDR_DELIMITER " ,"
@@ -36,13 +37,6 @@
#define AF_INET_SDP 27
-/* TODO: duplicate declaration */
-typedef struct peer_info {
- struct sockaddr_storage sockaddr;
- socklen_t sockaddr_len;
- char identifier[UNIX_PATH_MAX];
gf_auth (dict_t *input_params, dict_t *config_params)