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authorRyan Ding <>2016-11-16 10:52:34 +0800
committerAtin Mukherjee <>2017-08-16 17:01:32 +0000
commit9b11b90d30285942113bb1e2d2a662337a75511c (patch)
tree1aba99a6aff14c1b3f3ceb6231ee631acd4552fc /xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-volgen.c
parentdef09c4fbb2805618715c5a125ddf482d7e53de3 (diff)
glusterd: Fix the debug and error-gen turned on issue
Problem: When enabling one of the debug or the error-gen xlator, both of them will be turned on together. The problem is that when adding debug xlators into the graph, its on/off status is ignored to be checked. Fix: When adding a debug xlator, check its status and skip those with a value of "off". Change-Id: Ifa79314ff337b60ee941cfb0308c1ccbe42d027f BUG: 1395492 Signed-off-by: Zhang Huan <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Atin Mukherjee <> Smoke: Gluster Build System <> CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Atin Mukherjee <>
Diffstat (limited to 'xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-volgen.c')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-volgen.c b/xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-volgen.c
index d82e0f1..410885e 100644
--- a/xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-volgen.c
+++ b/xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-volgen.c
@@ -2554,6 +2554,8 @@ debugxl_option_handler (volgen_graph_t *graph, struct volopt_map_entry *vme,
return 0;
+ if (strcmp (vme->value, "off") == 0)
+ return 0;
if (volgen_graph_add (graph, vme->voltype, volname))
return 0;