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cli/afr: gluster volume heal info "healed" command output is not appropriate
Problem: "gluster volume heal info [healed] [heal-failed]" command output on terminal is not appropriate in case of down any volume. Solution: To make message more appropriate change the condition in function "gd_syncop_mgmt_brick_op". Test : To verify the fix followed below procedure 1) Create 2*3 distribute replicate volume 2) set self-heal daemon off 3) kill two bricks (3, 6) 4) create some file on mount point 5) bring brick 3,6 up 6) kill other two brick (2 and 4) 7) make self heal daemon on 8) run "gluster v heal <vol-name>" Note: After apply the patch options (healed | heal-failed) will deprecate from command line. BUG: 1388509 Change-Id: I229c320c9caeb2525c76b78b44a53a64b088545a Signed-off-by: Mohit Agrawal <>
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