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core: heketi-cli is throwing error "target is busy"
Problem: When rpc-transport-disconnect happens, server_connection_cleanup_flush_cbk() is supposed to call rpc_transport_unref() after open-files on that transport are flushed per transport.But open-fd-count is maintained in bound_xl->fd_count, which can be incremented/decremented cumulatively in server_connection_cleanup() by all transport disconnect paths. So instead of rpc_transport_unref() happening per transport, it ends up doing it only once after all the files on all the transports for the brick are flushed leading to rpc-leaks. Solution: To avoid races maintain fd_cnt at client instead of maintaining on brick Credits: Pranith Kumar Karampuri Change-Id: I6e8ea37a61f82d9aefb227c5b3ab57a7a36850e6 fixes: bz#1668190 Signed-off-by: Mohit Agrawal <>
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