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protocol/client: propagte GF_EVENT_CHILD_PING only for connections to brick
Two reasons: * ping responses from glusterd may not be relevant for Halo replication. Instead, it might be interested in only knowing whether the brick itself is responsive. * When a brick is killed, propagating GF_EVENT_CHILD_PING of ping response from glusterd results in GF_EVENT_DISCONNECT spuriously propagated to parent xlators. These DISCONNECT events are from the connections client establishes with glusterd as part of its reconnect logic. Without GF_EVENT_CHILD_PING, the last event propagated to parent xlators would be the first DISCONNECT event from brick and hence subsequent DISCONNECTS to glusterd are not propagated as protocol/client prevents same event being propagated to parent xlators consecutively. propagating GF_EVENT_CHILD_PING for ping responses from glusterd would change the last_sent_event to GF_EVENT_CHILD_PING and hence protocol/client cannot prevent subsequent DISCONNECT events Signed-off-by: Raghavendra G <> Fixes: bz#1716979 Change-Id: I50276680c52f05ca9e12149a3094923622d6eaef
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