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authorXavier Hernandez <>2017-12-12 22:31:53 +0100
committerAmar Tumballi <>2017-12-14 02:33:51 +0000
commit415e0bcc80b350fc75f325b490560f44ba419b20 (patch)
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all: Simplify component message id's definition
This patch creates a new way of defining message id's that is easier and less error prone because it doesn't require so many manual changes each time a new component is defined or a new message created. Change-Id: I71ba8af9ac068f5add7e74f316a2478bc991c67b Signed-off-by: Xavier Hernandez <>
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diff --git a/xlators/debug/delay-gen/src/delay-gen-messages.h b/xlators/debug/delay-gen/src/delay-gen-messages.h
index db828722ca2..a9046ca14bf 100644
--- a/xlators/debug/delay-gen/src/delay-gen-messages.h
+++ b/xlators/debug/delay-gen/src/delay-gen-messages.h
@@ -8,10 +8,19 @@
* cases as published by the Free Software Foundation.
+#include "glfs-message-id.h"
+/* To add new message IDs, append new identifiers at the end of the list.
+ *
+ * Never remove a message ID. If it's not used anymore, you can rename it or
+ * leave it as it is, but not delete it. This is to prevent reutilization of
+ * IDs by other messages.
+ *
+ * The component name must match one of the entries defined in
+ * glfs-message-id.h.
+ */
#endif /* __DELAY_GEN_MESSAGES_H__ */