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build: add --without-server option
With Gluster 4.0 we will not provide the server components for EL6 and older. At one point Gluster 4.x will get GlusterD2, which requires Golang tools in the distribution. EL6 does not contain these at the moment. With this change, it is possible to `./configure --without-server` which prevents building glusterd and the xlators for the bricks. Building RPMs can pass `--without server` and the glusterfs-server sub-package will not be created. Change-Id: I97f5ccf9f2c76e60d9af83915fc59fae57ad6d25 BUG: 1074947 Signed-off-by: Niels de Vos <>
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gluster_setgfid2pathdir = $(sbindir)
gluster_setgfid2path_PROGRAMS = gluster-setgfid2path
gluster_setgfid2path_SOURCES = main.c