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glusterd: address test failures with brick mux enabled
This patch addresses following: 1. On volume stop, for the last brick, pmap_registry_remove () is invoked by glusterd. 2. If a brick process is sigkilled, remove all the associated brick instances from the portmap. 3. Bump up PROCESS_UP_TIMEOUT to 45. 4. gf_attach to kill a brick takes more time in mux (which is an issue that needs a fix), but in the interim, give br-state-check.t more time to complete (there are 2 kill_bricks, each taking 120 seconds, and the test usually passes in 30 odd seconds, hence bumping this up to 350 seconds) 5. The test bug-1559004-EMLINK-handling.t is taking ~950 seconds at times on master without mux, in mux cases, when it fails, it is almost at the last iteration, hence bumping the timeout for this test case to reduce regression error rates Updates: bz#1577672 Change-Id: I1922675e112baca4c125c4c094eaa42a11e34e67 Signed-off-by: Atin Mukherjee <>
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TEST glusterd
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