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afr: add null check for thin-arbiter gfid.
Problem: Lookup/creation of thin-arbiter ID file happens in background during mounting. On new volumes, if the ID file creation is in progress, and a FOP fails on data brick, a post-op (xattrop) is attemtped on TA. Since the TA file's gfid is null at this point, the ASSERT checks in protocol/ client causes a crash. Fix: Given that we decided to do Lookup/creation of thin-arbiter in background, fail the other AFR FOPS on TA if the ID file's gfid is null instead of winding it down to protocol/client. Also remove afr_changelog_thin_arbiter_post_op() which seems to be dead code. Updates: #763 Change-Id: I70dc666faf55cc5c8f7cf8e7d36085e4fa399c4d Signed-off-by: Ravishankar N <>
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