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authorAmar Tumballi <>2019-03-14 10:04:28 +0530
committerAmar Tumballi <>2019-06-14 05:25:14 +0000
commit6eaa561526c340c48b12f0cf149c6c5a2903d751 (patch)
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parent928395eddf4241433effc55e294a7996108da7d8 (diff)
gfapi: provide an api for setting statedump path
Currently for an application using glfsapi to use glusterfs, when a statedump is taken, it uses /var/run/gluster dir to dump info. There can be concerns as this directory may be owned by some other user, and hence it may fail taking statedump. Such applications should have an option to use different path. This patch provides an API to do so. Updates: bz#1689097 Change-Id: I8918e002bc823d83614c972b6c738baa04681b23 Signed-off-by: Amar Tumballi <>
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diff --git a/tests/basic/gfapi/glfsxmp-coverage.c b/tests/basic/gfapi/glfsxmp-coverage.c
index a55616e..11860c5 100644
--- a/tests/basic/gfapi/glfsxmp-coverage.c
+++ b/tests/basic/gfapi/glfsxmp-coverage.c
@@ -1782,6 +1782,11 @@ main(int argc, char *argv[])
ret = glfs_set_logging(fs2, "/dev/stderr", 7);
+ ret = glfs_set_statedump_path(fs2, "/tmp");
+ if (ret) {
+ fprintf(stderr, "glfs_set_statedump_path: %s\n", strerror(errno));
+ }
ret = glfs_init(fs2);
fprintf(stderr, "glfs_init: returned %d\n", ret);