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clang: Fix clang warnings in snapview-server.c
The warning by clang is due to the fact that we check for frame->root to be NULL, but in stack unwind, we ignore the same. If frame is non-NULL then frame->root is non-NULL as frame creation ensures this. Further, across the code we do not check both frame and frame->root for validity. Hence to fix these clang issues, removing the check for frame->root in the various functions. NOTE: Initially clang reported 14 issues in the file, but post commit 6eabefe6 the number reduced to 4, unsure why as that commit does not address this issue. Change-Id: I04b63f2d006a1f95773aae9f904b4bd3d5118e62 Updates: bz#1622665 Signed-off-by: ShyamsundarR <>
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