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authorKrishnan Parthasarathi <>2015-01-08 09:43:50 +0530
committerRaghavendra G <>2015-01-15 00:06:34 -0800
commitc4561b6fd90c52667eebec9eecf974b4c0786382 (patch)
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parente9c90da38e1b6fb7fc4e0d5d1e987c510d1c17d6 (diff)
rpc: initialise transport's list on creation
Initialising the transport's list, meant to hold clients connected to it, on the first connection event is prone to race, especially with the introduction of multi-threaded event layer. BUG: 1181203 Change-Id: I6a20686a2012c1f49a279cc9cd55a03b8c7615fc Signed-off-by: Krishnan Parthasarathi <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Raghavendra G <> Tested-by: Raghavendra G <>
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diff --git a/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c b/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
index cf7f903056a..266d07e99ed 100644
--- a/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
+++ b/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
@@ -334,6 +334,8 @@ rpc_transport_load (glusterfs_ctx_t *ctx, dict_t *options, char *trans_name)
goto fail;
+ INIT_LIST_HEAD (&trans->list);
return_trans = trans;
GF_FREE (name);