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authorRaghavendra Bhat <>2018-12-03 11:51:52 -0500
committerMOHIT AGRAWAL <>2018-12-04 02:27:03 +0000
commit9fc6cf898bcb7dc0f3f671e734678616722d0721 (patch)
tree6d4c437b4a24a889e18a9584a1ef59d31dd706d4 /rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
parent2bb0e89e4bb113a93c6e786446a140cd99261af8 (diff)
rpc: check if fini is there before calling it
The rpc_transport_t structure is allocated and filled in the rpc_transport_load function. If filling the fileds of the rpc structure fails, then in the failure handling the structure is freed by rpc_transport_cleanup. There, it unconditionally calls fini. But, if the failure handling was invoked because of any failure in between the allocation of rpc_transport_t and filling the transport->fini (including the failure to fill fini ()), then rpc_transport_cleanup can lead to a segfault. Change-Id: I8be9b84cd6b19933c559c9736198a6e440373f68 fixes: bz#1654917 Signed-off-by: Raghavendra Bhat <>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c b/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
index 8bb6b595175..7e70b5dfdb1 100644
--- a/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
+++ b/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-transport.c
@@ -165,7 +165,9 @@ rpc_transport_cleanup(rpc_transport_t *trans)
if (!trans)
- trans->fini(trans);
+ if (trans->fini)
+ trans->fini(trans);
if (trans->xl)