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authorShehjar Tikoo <>2009-07-23 16:18:43 +0000
committerAnand V. Avati <>2009-07-27 09:32:27 -0700
commit955c6e0c87b501501d87806f1e69ece8f0559dd6 (patch)
treedfcdd38e03aea2c42e1071d59a48c59bdade602c /libglusterfsclient
parent48755d7eaf9d22e4707b7abc7b3df46256fa6069 (diff)
libglusterfsclient: Fill new loc with target's ino on link
In the loc_t of the link being created, we must fill in the inode of the old/target loc since this is a link operation. The inode_link to the new parent is called in libgf_client_link. This fixes a crash while running fileop over a fully-loaded dist-repl vol file. Ref: Bugzilla 161 Signed-off-by: Anand V. Avati <> BUG: 161 (unfs3 crashes on link system call by fileop) URL:
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/libglusterfsclient/src/libglusterfsclient.c b/libglusterfsclient/src/libglusterfsclient.c
index eaa86d9..ec41710 100755
--- a/libglusterfsclient/src/libglusterfsclient.c
+++ b/libglusterfsclient/src/libglusterfsclient.c
@@ -5402,6 +5402,7 @@ glusterfs_glh_link (glusterfs_handle_t handle, const char *oldpath,
newname = strdup (new.path);
+ new.inode = inode_ref (old.inode);
libgf_client_loc_fill (&new, ctx, 0, new.parent->ino,
basename (newname));
op_ret = libgf_client_link (ctx, &old, &new);