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build: extend --enable-valgrind to support Memcheck and DRD
Extend '-enable-valgrind' to '--enable=valgrind[=memcheck,drd]' to enable Memcheck or DRD Valgrind tool, respectively. Change-Id: I80d13d72ba9756e0cbcdbeb6766b5c98e3e8c002 Signed-off-by: Dmitry Antipov <> Updates: #1002
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@@ -174,3 +174,27 @@ In this case, the resource leak can be addressed by adding a single line to the
Running the same Valgrind command and comparing the output will show that the
memory leak in `xlators/meta/src/meta.c:init` is not reported anymore.
+### Running DRD, the Valgrind thread error detector
+When configuring GlusterFS with:
+./configure --enable-valgrind
+the default Valgrind tool (Memcheck) is enabled. But it's also possble to select
+one of Memcheck or DRD by using:
+./configure --enable-valgrind=memcheck
+./configure --enable-valgrind=drd
+respectively. When using DRD, it's recommended to consult
+ before running.