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protocol/server: support server.all-squash
We still use gnfs on our side, so do a little work to support server.all-squash. Just like server.root-squash, it's also a volume wide option. Also see bz#1285126 $ gluster volume set <VOLNAME> server.all-squash on Note: If you enable server.root-squash and server.all-squash at the same time, only server.all-squash works. Please refer to following table +---------------+-----------------+---------------------------+ | |all_squash | no_all_squash | +-------------------------------------------------------------+ | | |anonuid/anongid for root | |root_squash |anonuid/anongid |useruid/usergid for no-root| +-------------------------------------------------------------+ |no_root_squash |anonuid/anongid |useruid/usergid | +-------------------------------------------------------------+ Updates bz#1285126 Signed-off-by: Xie Changlong <> Signed-off-by: Xue Chuanyu <> Change-Id: Iea043318fe6e9a75fa92b396737985062a26b47e
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